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Friends of Glenlola Collegiate Annual Dinner 2013

Calling all Friends of Glenlola Collegiate!

Were you a pupil at Glenlola Collegiate or a member of staff perhaps?  If so, then this event is for you.  The Friends of Glenlola Collegiate Annual Dinner will take place on Friday 7 June at 7.30pm in the Clandeboye Lodge.  The group...Read More »

Request for Information

Hello, I wonder if you can shed some light on a mystery.  My late mother, Vera Johnston (nee Kirkpatrick) was a pupil at Glenlola a very long time ago.  I could well believe the school would still have yearbooks from her time.  I regret I can’t be very accurate about...Read More »

Alison McGuigan nee Wakelin (Attended 1961-1972 - sadly passed away December 2013)

I wonder if I am about the only old girl who remembers the Head of Avoca House. She was called Miss Haig and she was ancient. Her sister, ‘young’ Miss Haig was the School cook and made wonderful food, tarts and pies and we were fed like princesses. Miss Haig...Read More »

Linda Weir nee Wakelin (graduated 1967)

I have loads of memories of Avoca.I was amazed when I started that we had regular PE and music lessons even if the latter were with Miss Crookes! The dinners were also an eye-opener.  Recognisable food and we could choose which items we had.  Miss Selina Haig was very strict...Read More »

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