Friends of Glenlola Overview

The school has set up a new group as a focus for past staff and pupils who wish to meet up occasionally and keep in touch with old friends. One of the aims of this group – ‘Friends of Glenlola Collegiate’ is to help build relationships and improve communications with all those both at home and abroad who may have an interest in the activities of the School.

We were especially pleased to receive the communication below from former pupil Christine McKinney (nee Graham) from her home in Houston. It is testimony to the continued interest and fellowship of our pupils abroad and the trouble they are prepared to take to stay in touch.

Houston Letter

Houston Letter

This year’s annual dinner took place on Friday 2 June 2017 in Clandeboye Golf Club.

For many, it provides an opportunity for a class reunion with classmates, so why not organise a table for you and your friends for our next dinner in June 2018?



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