Dr S Spence (Head of Department)
Mrs J Hughes
Mr M Shanks
Mr R Spence
Mrs J Cahoon (Technician)

Subject Overview

Chemistry is everywhere in the world around you!

It’s in the food you eat, clothes you wear, water you drink, medicines, air, cleaners… you name it.

Chemistry is often called the ‘central science.’

This is due to the fact that it overlaps to some extent with both Biology and Physics.

Chemistry teaches useful skills. Because it is a science, learning Chemistry means learning how to be objective, how to reason and solve problems.

Key Stage 3

In Key stage 3, pupils study Chemistry for two periods a week. The topics covered include Atomic structure, Acids, bases & salts, Thermochemistry and Forensic science. Not only do these units prepare pupils for the GCSE course but they allow both the conceptual and practical aspects of the subject to be demonstrated sufficiently.

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Key Stage 4

Chemistry is a very popular choice at GCSE. Those pupils, who have selected to study Chemistry, will be introduced to the foundational concepts and content, which will allow them to better understand and explain the world around them.

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Key Stage 5

A-level chemistry builds on the knowledge and understanding of Chemistry developed at GCSE level. The course aims to stimulate interest in and enjoyment of chemistry, to foster imaginative, logical and critical thinking, to demonstrate the wider application of chemical knowledge, showing appreciation for social, environmental, economic and technological contributions to society. It integrates theory and experimental work, developing investigative and manipulative skills.

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Career Opportunities

forensic science medicine dentistry
veterinary science radiography optometry
physiotherapy pharmacy nursing
archaeology geology engineering
food technology food sciences science teaching
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