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Mrs A McKinley

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Subject Overview

Geography is a fascinating subject which describes our Earth and asks us to question the world around us. It looks at the relationships that exist between the physical world and humanity. Within the department it is taught using several methods including the use of fieldwork, role play and projects, and also by studying examples from the real world.

Key Stage 3

Pupils receive 3 periods of Geography per week.

In Junior school the emphasis is on developing a sense of place through the use of geographical skills and highlighting their importance within society. A summary of the main content for each year group is displayed in the table below:

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

What is Geography?



Where do we live?

Weather & Climate

OS maps

Queens Parade Redevelopment Project

Atlas Skills


Changing World of Work



Farming including Streamvale Fieldtrip

Geography & Careers



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Junior Geography Club

Year 9 Trash Couture Event, October 2014

Geography Department Visit to Sorrento, April 2014

Key Stage 4

GCSE Geography is a popular choice of subject at Glenlola. Pupils follow the CCEA specification and are allocated 5 periods per week. Pupils participate in a residential field study at Magilligan Field Centre as part of their Controlled Assessment. The GCSE course consists of the following units:

Year 11

Year 12

Restless Earth – Earthquakes


Changing Weather and Climate

Managing our resouces

Rivers and coasts

World development


Controlled Assessment fieldwork and report – River study

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Key Stage 5

A level Geography proves to be a popular choice of subject with an average of 25-35 pupils being taught in two classes. Team Teaching is used to deliver the CCEA Specification with three teachers specialising in the three areas of the course. The following topics are taught at AS and A2:

AS (Year 13) A2 (Year 14)
Fluvial processes Impact of population change
Ecosystems Planning for sustainable settlements
Atmospheric Processes Global Isssue: Air pollution
Fieldwork Fluvial and coastal environments
Population The Dynamic Earth
Settlement Decision making
Skills and Techniques

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Year 13 AS Geography Fieldwork, February 2015

Career Opportunities

Geography can lead to careers in travel & tourism, catering & hotel work, road, rail, air and transport industries, banking, commerce, cartography & meteorology, agriculture & horticulture, civil engineering, mining & energy, surveying, valuing & estate agency work, administration, marketing, public relations, local government work & planning.

Of course many pupils use their school geography as a way of showing their general ability. In this way, it is a good qualification and can lead to employment in most types of job, and can help you to qualify for entrance to many further courses at school, college or university.

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