Mrs J McMillan (Head of Department, Politics Teacher)
Mrs M Aiken
Mrs J Barr
Miss L Moody

Subject Overview

“Those who fail to learn from History are doomed to repeat it”.  Winston Churchill.

Since the pupils of today are the citizens of tomorrow History can equip them to make moral judgements, understand the consequences of past mistakes and to develop a vision for their future.

Key Stage 3

Pupils study British, Irish and European History from the 11th – 20th centuries.  Through the study of key events such as the Norman Conquest, The Reformation, World War One and The Holocaust girls are encouraged to develop their curiosity about their past and its impact on the present and think for themselves.

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Key Stage 4

The study of GCSE History involves in depth investigations of Nazi Germany, Northern Ireland and the era of The Cold War.  The subject affords pupils the opportunity to understand how our modern world has been shaped by our past.  We actively encourage the development of critical thinking skills, self motivation and independent learning.

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Key Stage 5

Over a period of two years, in History pupils study 20th century Germany and the Soviet Union, the struggle between Democracy and Communism in Europe and late 18th century Ireland.  In Government and Politics pupils learn about the NI, UK and USA systems of government and Political Power and Ideas.   We aim to inspire our girls to be enthusiastic about the subject and to further develop their critical and analytical skills in preparation for further education and employment.  Great emphasis is therefore placed on managing information including a range of historical sources and effective communication.  Girls are expected to display qualities of self discipline and personal motivation.

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Career Opportunities

Journalism, Media, Civil Service, Law, Teaching, Library/Museum work, Political Research, Archivist and Archaeology to name but a few.

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