Teaching Staff

Mrs J Heron

ICT Support Manager

Mr M Wilson

Subject Overview

Information Communication Technology is concerned with the handling of information (text, numbers, graphics, sound etc.) and involves creating, accessing, storing, organising, processing, presenting, communicating and transmitting information in a variety of electronic forms.

ICT is taught at Key Stage 3 for years 8 and 9.  ICT is offered as a subject choice at GCSE, AS and A2 levels.

Key Stage 3

In Year 8, all pupils are taught basic ICT skills in discrete ICT lessons.  The acquired skills support the departmental collaborative projects as required by the new revised curriculum.  In order to determine pupil’s prior ICT knowledge and skills, a base line assessment is completed by all Year 8 pupils at the beginning of the programme. Towards the end of the Year 8 programme consolidation tasks are completed by pupils.

The Year 9 programme consolidates these skills and develops them further. The pupils continue to be taught in discrete ICT lessons, but, the subject staff will provide appropriate course materials through which the ICT skills will be developed. Tasks will be specifically designed to encourage creative use of the technology.

In Year 10 pupils do not have discrete ICT lessons but continue to consolidate, apply and extend these skills in subject contexts across the curriculum.

Throughout the entire Key Stage, the 5 ICT Cross Curricular Skills- Explore, Express, Exchange, Evaluate, Exhibit are completed within a range of subjects.

Keystage 3 Accreditation Scheme

At Keystage 3 ICT is assessed as a cross-curricular skill.  Accreditation tasks have been drawn from five different subject areas with two curriculum areas contributing each year.  Each task allows progression through the levels.

Key Stage 4:

GCSE Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Pupils are offered the opportunity to study ICT at GCSE level and follow the requirements for the CCEA ICT specification.  The course is divided into three units.

Content Assessment Weighting
Unit 1:  Tools and Applications Controlled Assessment


Unit 2:  Visual Communications Technology Controlled Assessment


Unit 3:  Understanding ICT systems External Exam (2hours)


Unit 1: Pupils are able to make use of communication, presentation, spreadsheet and information handling software.  There are three set tasks involved in this Unit.

Unit 2:  Pupils have the opportunity to develop practical skills for designing websites and games.  There are two set tasks involved in this unit.

Unit 3:  Pupils are examined on their understanding of ICT systems in everyday life and their implications for individuals, organisation, society and the wider world.

Key Stage 5

ICT is offered as a curriculum option at AS / A2 Level.  Pupils study two modules at AS level:

 1      Components of ICT

This module is about acquiring knowledge and understanding of ICT which is assessed by means of a 2 hour written examination.  Topics include:

  • Data and information
  • Hardware and software components
  • Network communication
  • Application of ICT
  • Developing ICT applications

2     Developing ICT Solutions

This module allows pupils to develop the practical aspects of the subject and to apply their knowledge and understanding of ICT.

Pupils will complete two pieces of coursework:

  • A Data Processing Task
  • A Multimedia Task


Pupils study a further two modules at A2 level:

1      Information Systems

This module is about acquiring knowledge and understanding of Information Systems, which is assessed by means of a 2 hour written exam.  Topics include:

  • Database systems
  • Software development
  • The user interface
  • User support and training
  • Legal and professional issues
  • Implications of information systems

2    Approaches to System Development

This module requires pupils to identify, research and solve a realistic problem for which there must be a real end user.

Career Opportunities

All aspects of industrial, commercial, financial, medical and leisure business have a demand for information technology literate personnel.  Entry requirements range from GCSE to degree level.

Computer Club

 The Year 8 Computer Club meets on Monday afternoons from 3.30pm to 4.30pm.

Pupils engage in many interesting activities, including, digital photography, graphic design and gaming solutions.







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