Religious Studies


Mrs G McDonald (Head of Department)
Mrs B Haslam
Mr D Barr
Mr M Harding
Dr M Beirne
Mrs K Johnston

Subject Overview

Religious Studies is uniquely placed to develop a range of skills and capabilities in preparing pupils for life and work.

DECISION MAKING with regard to the ‘big questions of life’ and ethical choices.

COMMUNICATION with others showing respect, tolerance, sensitivity and empathy.

A SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY through self-awareness to enable individuals to become contributors to society.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 we aim to help the girls gain an understanding of the world in which we live through introducing them to the 3 major world religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, their belief systems, practices and contribution to the modern world.

Pupil are then enabled to see the connections between belief and life through studying issues and individuals such as M. L. King/ racism and Wilberforce/ slavery.

Click here to visit NI Curriculum for Religious Studies

Key Stage 4

At GCSE level pupils build on the foundation laid at KS3 through studying the modules of “The Revelation of God and the Christian Church”  and “An Introduction to Christian Ethics”.

Skills such as time management, managing information, critical thinking,  working with others, decision making and becoming independent learners are developed across the units.

Click here to read GCSE Specification for Religious Studies 

Key Stage 5

Girls will follow the NICCEA specification of “Luke’s Gospel” and “The religion of Islam”. Through a rigorous academic study girls will further develop skills in independent learning, critical thinking and the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

Click here to read the GCE Specification for Religious Studies 

Career Opportunities

Counselling Ministry Retailing
Community Work Nursing Social Work
Human Resources Police Solicitors
Journalism Psychotherapy Teaching
Law Publishing Youth Work
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