Technology & Design


Mrs V Donnan (Head of Department)
Mr B Montgomery
Mrs L Walker
Mr D Jones (Technician)

Subject Overview

GET MAKING The workshop becomes your classroom – in Technology & Design we spend time consolidating the theory through practical work, designing and making.

THINK CREATIVELY We teach with the most up to date 3D Modelling packages used in careers ranging from architecture to product design.

DEVELOP SKILLS We teach you all the skills you’ll need to be a designer, from basic freehand sketching techniques to realistic colour marker rendering used by industrial and fashion designers around the world.

Key Stage 3

All pupils in KS3 study Technology & Design for 2 periods every week. Each lesson is designed so that the girls can experience different teaching styles than in any other subject. A typical lesson may incorporate activities such as freehand sketching, 3D computer modelling, ICT skills or workshop manufacture. Pupils will be given opportunities to gain confidence in both practical and theoretical aspects of the subject which can lend themselves to other aspects of a pupil’s development.

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Key Stage 4

The girls who have selected GCSE Technology and Design will have their eyes opened to a whole world of technological developments and processes that will increase their understanding of the bigger picture surrounding this area. Pupils will gain skills in time management, ICT and word processing competence, 3D modelling in the most up to date software, creativity and presentation techniques and an eye for design flare and good practical skills. Glenlola has a reputation for being one of the leading Technology and Design departments in the board and consistently produce exemplar coursework commended by visiting moderators.

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Key Stage 5

We aim to develop innovation and creativity at A Level and encourage the production of high quality products. The AS level deals with product design with pupils learning a broad range of modern graphic skills which they apply to the development of a technological product. Industrial, environmental and economic factors are fully investigated in a number of product case studies. The A2 specialises in systems and control technology with all pupils designing and making a technological product.

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Career Opportunities

Set/Special effects designer
Performing arts technician
Technical stage manager
Biomedical engineer
Web designer


Vehicle design
Product design
Food technology
Dental technology
Medical technology

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