Careers Team

Staffing:Careers website photo

Head of Careers:

– Mrs A McKinley

Careers Assistants:

– Dr B McBride & Ms D Fitzpatrick

The Careers Team operates to:

  • Guide the formulation and review of policies associated with curriculum and careers, assessment, schemes of work, cross-curricular themes and school improvement issues:
  • Ensure that all Staff are circulated with and informed about all documents/summaries associated with the Curriculum:
  • To monitor the delivery of the appropriate Curriculum Entitlement and ensure that it meets the criteria of the statutory curriculum:
  • Publish measures of performance in respect of targets as required by Department of Education:
  • Assist curriculum development by giving support and advice as necessary:
  • Ensure that the Careers Education programme provides a foundation for pupils as they make choices at each Key Stage.
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